Music of the Week #440

So close

The end of this week is going to be quite liberating for me since my commitments will reach their end and I can finally relax during my free time instead of thinking to myself about how I can keep improving on what I have. On a related note, I once again decided to binge-watch a series after stumbling upon a couple clips on Youtube and will probably give it a seasonal recap when the time comes. Bokuben also decided to do a 5-part ending with EACH girl so that’s something to be excited about.

This week’s tune will have me less angry because it’s own of those mysterious cave themes that always tend to turn out as atmospheric as it needs to. Although to my memory, the bosses at the end of this particular encounter wasn’t particularly exciting and the pay-off to Cold Steel 1’s major plot point is only a chapter’s worth of significance in Ao. We’ll be back to my usual gripes with Cold Steel’s cast soon.