Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 19: Dropping like flies

Everyone gets to die!

And it’s entirely a good thing in the confines of FGO because how many times has Arash died for you?

Aside from the inevitable CG Tiamat, the proper feeling of despair with everything going wrong was conveyed a bit better than the previous episodes. Gorgon hardly lasted a couple minutes while Kingu was only able to stop Tiamat for a couple seconds before the chains started deteriorating. It wasn’t until now that I actually bothered to look up the total episode count and see that this is going to end in two more episodes, which does simplify things. For one, Hassan finally showed up and to my surprise, wasn’t completely CG because we all know how fully-armored characters tend to end up as in modern shows. Merlin’s entrance was actually really well done as well. Hassan’s arrival basically means there’s around 2-3 fights left but seeing as how the animation team really wanted to foreshadow future story arcs, I won’t be surprised to see a Temple of Time flash-forward or something.

Which begs the question of how, if at all, the FGO animation project will continue. Preliminary BD sales seem to have been actually less than the other airing gacha shows during the season it started but I have no doubts that if Typemoon felt like spending some more money, than animated portions of future arcs will occur. I personally wouldn’t mind a Part 2 prologue being animated. But we still need to finish Babylon on a strong note, and I really hope they don’t mess up since they decided to save AZRAEL for next week.

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