Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen- Anime Animal Planet

It kind of ended up like Bokuben’s anime.

Personally don’t believe that the series requires a full-on overview so I’ll keep things short and simple about it. Although, I think the statement is enough to explain things.

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Music of the Week #442

It’s getting warmer

Spring is almost here and looking at the charts tell me that there’s naught but 2nd/3rd season continuations this time around. I didn’t really get a chance to talk about Kaguya aside from watching its adaptation and getting decently far into the manga before it slipped my mind. Oregairu already concluded with my desired outcome but as to how it got there, I nary have an idea but I guess that’s what Season 3 is what it will be leading up to it. DAL of all things got a 4th season announced, which is damn near unprecedented aside from DxD but that had its own studio mix-up, and I can’t wait to shit on that too.

It’s time to shit on Cold Steel again now that we’re moving onto the track that plays during those sweet moments of character bonding. Which of course, like always, I forgive in this game because they don’t go that far and the interactions in this game are probably way more realistic than the ones moving forward. Actually, realistic probably isn’t the best word to describe it but it takes place squarely within a high-school setting with kids doing what they’re expected to be doing. It’s more in their realm of possibility instead of ending a fucking civil war for instance. Not to say some bonding moments in CS2 and beyond are entirely bad but it only perpetuates everyone being friends with Rean than being friends with each other.

Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia: 20% Noble Phantasms, 80% staring at Ishtar’s groin

All that fucking money and it still couldn’t save itself.

Spending week after week talking about how things will get way better down the line gave me a bad premonition of how things would go.

But hey, if you’re into creep shots of girls wearing high-leg panties and leotards, do I have a recommendation for you.

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Azur Lane: Lessons Unheeded

Back when the first trailer for this dropped, many had hoped for a singular, reasonable wish for this series adaptation to fulfill.

Don’t be like Kancolle’s anime.

Unfortunately, it seems as though that the same mistakes that plagued Kantai Collection repeated themselves with Azur Lane. Was this really a surprise to anyone though?

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Azur Lane Episode 11: And we’re back

Yeah, it’s back and things look a bit better but that doesn’t mean the story is going to be salvaged this late into the game.

After Babylonia and this adaptation, I think I can safely say no amount of money or budget can make a good mobile-game adaptation unless you pull something completely original like Shingeki no Bahamut did.

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Music of the Week #441

It’s almost here

All that’s left are the seasonal overviews for AL and FGO and I’m more excited about getting to those than I am with the weekly AL one that will go up tomorrow. There will be one more that go up as is my tradition to binge-watch a random series I find clips for and eventually get interested in watching in its entirety. And of course, then go on to catch up to the manga.

We’re staving off another rant for Cold Steel characters but I’ll always think of something to be mad about. This week’s tune plays during those high-tense situations where there’s usually danger about or the crew is expecting danger to happen, sometimes playing in the aftermath of said dangers. I’ve said this before but CS1 gets a bit of a pass with “most” of my gripes because the scale of the problems relative to Class VII’s accomplishments aren’t completely absurd yet and said threat scale isn’t formidable enough to be a problem. Me saying this of course means that things are about to get a lot more higher stakes and something in me could never sit right with the fact that by the time CS3 happens, some of these characters stand toe to toe with the universe’s strongest.

Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 20: All over the place

Expectations have not been fulfilled.

Between lackluster King Hassan scenes, anime-only additions, and generally poor quality outside of Noble Phantasms, I’m frankly disappointed.

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