Music of the Week #438

Still ways off

I got the Babylon post up on time but I’ll still be incredibly occupied until after the second week of March so we’ll still be a bit before we get to the stuff I want to talk about. Wouldn’t you know, the season is almost over too and I have no idea what’s coming up to cover.

This week’s tune plays during the examination interludes between school trips administered by the alcholic homeroom teacher, Sara Valestein. Despite my previous gripes about the members of Class VII, Sara herself doesn’t have any glaring flaws outside of few characteristics that are essentially locked behind future games. So little of her is actually known and the points of significance she does get are always between her and some faceless Jaeger mooks you end up fighting and while some of her backstory does end up being unraveled, her attachment to the class’ development and her own, once again, is tied to Rean. You could make a case for Fie too but Fie’s hardly a character either.

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