Music of the Week #437

Busy Busy

So between now and next month will probably be me at my busiest but I finally got down what else I wanted to write about between the seasonal posts. Last time I mentioned some games but now I have a certain sub-set of games I want to talk about and I really want to get to them as soon as I can but I unfortunately am going to have an incredibly occupied weekend and then some more. I’m actually really looking forward to tackling these.

To compound my contained hopefulness, this one theme from Cold Steel plays during the one time it rains during the school season and Rean goes around with a umbrella being a tool again. This is the first time attention is given to one of the NPCs, namely, Rosine. Instead of the girls in the main party, Rosine of all girls is the one that Rean escorts around the campus with the umbrella which always stuck out to me why she got special treatment. Wouldn’t you know it, the secret NG+ content reveals a lot more truths going forward. Aside from that, who doesn’t like atmospheric rain?