Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 16&17: Mother of Life, Sea of CG

These breaks aren’t really helping the pacing.

Seeing as how I’m writing up Episode 16 a day away from Episode 17, time to bundle up since not much is really happening. I’ll stress again how Lahmus definitely felt more otherworldly and threatening in-game for the aforementioned reasons because type advantages made them pretty beefy and they removed buffs, what assholes.

Ushi’s fight as well felt at least a bit more alarming because they fired off Hassou Tobi every single turn but at least I feel like they got the set-up for the finale down right.

The corruption spreads everywhere and Kingu is on the other end of a talon this time as the Lahmus pierce through his chest instead, literally Illya-ing him out of the grail he was carrying. While Kingu retreats from his own “siblings” the crew reconvene to try and stop the corruption at its source near the sea. Elsewhere, Kingu gets cornered and prepares to accept his death, but as he closes his eyes, the raised talon doesn’t tear him. Instead, one of the lahmus began attacking the others but gets impaled as well, but with the last of its energy, refers to Kingu as Enkidu and recounts how Uruk cried for his passing and it is happy to say goodbye to him properly.

Then we just get corrupted Ushi ganging up on the crew but are able to be beaten back as everyone hops on Quetz’ dinosaurs and go out further into the sea to try and deal with Tiamat once and for all. Ishtar gets to be a star in unleashing her noble phantasm which I admit was pretty neat but of course, things don’t end simply with a nuke-sized explosion. The actual Tiamat bursts forth from the sea and the situation changes as now the timer is set to two days before the extinction of mankind as Uruk is reduced to only 500 people.

The last gambit comes in the form of Ereshkigal’s authority within the Land of the Dead and the hopes that dropping Tiamat into the pits of hell will weaken her or at least, make her vulnerable to the concept of death.  Also Ishtar gets shat on for losing her bull.

So my gripes about the CG Lahmus got compounded on with CG Tiamat which is especially disappointing. The coloring and models during episode 17 looked pretty simplistic as well so the optimist in me will always say that I hope the finale turns out good since we’re entering the final steps of the plan but the pessimist in me will lament at the idea that all the budget went into providing us with close-ups of Mash, Ana, and Ishtar’s crotch.

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