Music of the Week #436

Bit behind on things

Not going to lie, despite me hyping up all these terrible things happening in Babylon, it isn’t hitting me as strongly as the game did. Or maybe because I expected a much more distorted voice. Maybe it’s because the Lahmus in game were annoying little shits who didn’t have any class advantages to work with and their annoying buff removal made them much more of a threat in large numbers. Either way, my opinions are slightly shifting for Babylon and now everything rides on how hype they can make the finale.

This week’s theme is Strain, a tune that plays when the class is dealing with logistics, usually when they’re being assisted by another larger group such as the RMP or the host of their field study missions. No big complaints since I haven’t had the time to collect the rest of my thoughts. My big complaints are usually aimed down the characters since I have acknowledged that the world building and NPCs have remained in good quality.