Music of the Week #435

Another break

So Babylon apparently needed another break/recap so we don’t have much to talk about this week. Feels really weird having a break week despite coming out of a previous break around a month back but if this means making the lamhus look a bit better then I have little complaints, but I doubt that’s really the case.

This week’s theme brings about some respite as it is Bareahard, the first major city visited in the school trips that is also the home to the best character in Cold Steel, Jusis Albarea. I’ve made it no secret that I see most of the Cold Steel classmembers as bland and acting more like friends to Rean than being friends with everyone else in the class. Because of that latter part, development is locked behind Bonding Events but certain characters, like Jusis, develop no matter what and it saves them from being boring cardboard cutouts. Jusis hails from the House of Albarea, one of the four great noble houses in Erebonia whose personal conflict stems from his illegitimate birth and his struggles to live up to his calling as nobility. Unlike Alisa and her troubles with her mother, Jusis’ goals and character are a hell of a lot more tangible and understandable since his goal is a way of life and tied to his personality instead of just arbitrarily exuding any sort of business sense and tech savvy. Every part of Jusis’ chapters are heavily involved with the plot, inexorably drawing Jusis into the bigger picture as well with the exploits of his father and brother. In fact, I’d say Jusis’ plotline enough to make him a main protagonist if Rean wasn’t a million times more super special in his circumstances.