Music of the Week #434

Things are calming down a bit but that won’t last since it’ll be busy again by the end of the month.

Once that busy period ends though, I really want to get into some other writing projects I talked about. They’re mostly about games because what else do I do with my life? Talking about adaptations to stuff I already know will happen gets tiring sometimes, you know?

Given the series’ rich history with in-universe politics, the military installations in Cold Steel reflect the change in times from the brick and mortar checkpoints and large gates in Liberl, the huge guardian outposts in Crossbell, and the myriad of enormous, advanced bases scattered across Erebonia. None can say for sure if what Cold Steel’s portrayal of Erebonia being a lot different from what the two previous sagas had in mind was either a switch in atmosphere or not but the politics, at the very least, remain consistent, even if it takes a major turn for the worse in quality later down the line. I could take this chance to talk about Elliot since his dad is military and how his arc more or less concludes at 2, but there’s really not much else to talk about him other than the bare-basic “nice guy” trope in the class being filled out. That being said, Cold Steel far more than any other saga, has some serious issue about the parent being more interesting than their kid and most of their importance is focused solely on the familial relationship than their actual character.