Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 15: Big Smiles

I should have expected this.

So after hyping up the shit that’s about to go wrong, for more or less the entire time talking about Babylon I had the thought in the back of my head about how a mass of enemies would turn out looking like. All the ugallus and mushus should have clued me in but it is what it is.

The fight against Gorgon is more or less won thanks to Ana being Gorgon’s conceptual kryptonite and for anyone who didn’t know a damn thing about Medusa before watching this somehow, well you just got your dramatic history lesson. Gorgon’s death however wasn’t the actual threat after all now that Gorgon’s death has awakened the ACTUAL Tiamat from her slumber and the seafront has quite literally spewed out her new creations, killing the humans near the settlements and Alien-ing them into more of their number.

So the big reveal is that Tiamat is actually the biggest threat as she is one of the 7 Beasts, the ultimate enemy of FGO to speak whose existences can only be destroyed by the authority of one of the seven Grand Servants. Without one of those, they stand no chance but that probably won’t matter now that Uruk is under siege by these creatures named Lahmus and that civilization as we know it won’t survive these things.

The lahmu reveals didn’t have as much impact as I would have wanted them. I’m to understand also that things were rushed since we didn’t get to properly fight and focus on a single lahmu to truly internalize how off-putting they are. Siduri being turned into one also felt rushed which is probably the worst part since they made it so obvious.

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