Music of the Week #433

I have an idea to liven up some posts around here with some other topics that I’ve been enjoying myself with recently but things are going to be busy for another month or two so I’ll see what I can put out.

I’ve already covered of what the combat consists of in Trails 1-2 and more or less 3-4 with the exception of Brave Commands but there is one thing I forgot to mention in most combat in general I feel, the series is incredibly easy to break in terms of combat. The Sky trilogy not only had some incredibly overpowered characters and imbalanced abilities but Earth Walling constantly was a valid strategy. The Crossbell games nerfed arts considerably with the overall EP counts being too low but Combo Crafts trivialized large encounters. Cold Steel followed suit with its Overdrive mechanic in 2, the Break meters in 3, and the first Cold Steel game had Crafts be completely broken because CP recovery and turn-order abuse was just so easily achievable thanks to damn near everything having the AT delay effect. Let’s not forget how quartz counts were completely taken out too.