Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 14: Mesoamerican Baseball

Hoho boy, here we go.

So unless this Gorgon fight takes longer than expected, we should be due for the fun stuff in two weeks time with a foreboding end to this coming week’s episode

This was an exposition episode setting up for the obvious connection between Ana and Gorgon while not really mentioning the fact until they finally meet face to face. Ana appreciates how little Guda asks about herself and shares her experience with the old lady and her flowers. You know, even with this adaptation, I think Ana and Gorgon’s plotline is the least impactful for me even with how it’s brought back again way later down the line. Medusa was never really the one to make that big of an impact in her appearances since she usually dies so early to make a difference and I think this situation is similar too with how she’s being more or less used as a big fake-out. As to what that is for the uninformed viewer, then I’ll keep it as a surprise.

Merlin’s expanded scene about the dreams of humans and all that takes up the other conversational portion of the episode. Strange to think that this is still Merlin’s first big appearance on a Fate animation aside from his numerous cameos across the animated works. The rest of the episode was planning and executing the maneuver to destroy the Blood Fort using the Axe of Marduk with Quetz actually throwing the damn thing to Merlin who uses some conventional magic to deliver the axe already in flight to the temple.

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