Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 13: A few more steps

Well there she is.

Let’s just hurry it on along here since we all know what happened here. Eresh is lonely, cute, and is pure waifubait.

The fight with Ereshkigal interspersed with her being alone in the light was actually pretty good to watch. Usually there’s not much you’d expect from the typical big ghost animations but this one decides to incorporate the weapon Ereshkigal is shown to use in the games to fight off the party. The thing that brings her down however is Gilgamesh’s order and later Guda’s chastising which later completely breaks her facade when she learns that Guda knew that it was her he was talking to every time at the campfire.

There’s really not much else to critique since the fighting had some really good animations with few hiccups. Most of the hell episode in the game had you actually go through all seven gates picking between Ishtar and Eresh and getting different fights based on your answer and I’m glad that they had the mind to cut that padding out and right with it to fight Eresh and have her committed to the cause. With the underworld only lasting two episodes, we only have Gorgon to worry about before the real meat of Babylon finally comes. I forget if Ziusdra here showed up to “kill” Eresh like that but I appreciated his pose while holding his sword and the brief glimpse of his true form.

And for the hell of it, an extra Ishtar shot

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