Music of the Week #431

Babylonia is continuing into the new season while the rest of the shows all seem to be primarily made up of 2nd seasons and even some 3rd seasons which I most likely won’t be looking through at the moment. I might change my mind if I overlooked the rest of the Winter season though.

Continuing along my rants for Cold Steel, this week’s tune is the theme of Blade, a card-game that you play on the train-ride to each locale you visit and raise some bond points. Blade as a mini-game gets replaced by the 3rd game and beyond so we’ll be tackling more critical issues with the Class VII members again. Because certain characters don’t exactly get focus chapters or moments outside of bond events, gee doesn’t that sound problematic, we’ll go over Fie next because she doesn’t really have a problem to be of note aside from what when we get to Laura later. Zephyr is introduced as one of the two big Jaeger/mercenary groups in the world of Kiseki. Zephyr was the arch-rival to the Red Constellation group that Sigmund, Shirley, and namely, Randy Orlando from Zero/Ao were a part of and compared to them, Fie doesn’t get that much in comparison. Fie was a part of Zephyr but she was more or less like a pet cat that was picked up by the boss who took care of her, took her everywhere they went, and trained her to fight but not kill others. Following up Randy’s act is no easy task and Fie’s lack of significant character growth from approachable and snarky to snarky but appreciative isn’t all too great comparatively. Her struggle is introduced WAY later in the saga doesn’t really amount to much either since even by the end of the 1st game she considers Class VII her family now instead of her former group, and even then, it’s hard to antagonize anyone in Cold Steel due to a plot point that ultimately broke the franchise for me. I don’t hate Fie necessarily, I just find her unnecessary, which turns out to be my complaint for most of the cast, but damn does she make evade-tanking solo memes fun.