Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 12: Back from the dead

Back to your weekly scheduled doses of groin and butt shots.

Joking aside, the new opening is a lot more visually stimulating with its stylistic rendition and the ending decided to acknowledge Tomoe and Ibaraki being summoned to the singularity despite dying off-screen and being part of something else afterwards. The opening also chock full of some choice imagery which depicts the real stuff I’m waiting to see for Babylon

The episode is divided into two halves were the first one is discussing the course of action to take with Gilgamesh’s death as well as learning that Ishtar isn’t a member of the Goddess Alliance at all and that it’s Ereshkigal that’s the actual member who was also the one having those heartfelt conversations with Guda around the campfire. The next half of the episode has Ishtar, Mash, and Guda traversing the underworld that’s quite literally just be beneath the ground they walk as Ishtar explains who she got her ass handed to her the first time she tried to assert her dominance over the underworld. Most of the traversal however is focused on the topic of Ereshkigal and her loneliness and more or less building her up to be someone stuck in her position while yearning for something more.

Gilgamesh reveals that he’s not entirely dead and he seeks Ereshkigal as well since it is only through her permission that they’ll be allowed to leave and their path is barred by 7 Gates that demand an answer to a question, with all of them asking who Guda prefers more over Ishtar and Ereshkigal and he is forced to answer the latter if his party wants to make any progress. Ishtar becomes miniaturized for the time being as they traverse all the gates and face Ereshkigal’s ghost form.

While all this is being played for laughs, we only have one more episode of the underworld before the “”””final””””” battle and its set-up kicks off and shit hits the fan immediately after. I’d give it around the end of January or early February. Let’s hope they deliver.

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