Music of the Week #429

Just waiting around but Merry Christmas to everyone

Enter week 2 of dead-air for the two series I’m covering. Bokuben S2 ended on a Fumino-centric note showcasing her not only her big multi-chapter arc detailing her estranged relationship with her father but also the school play that got her a kiss. The dance CG however was awful enough for me to consider not really bothering to review S2 as a whole because it mostly kept on Fumino and not much else on everyone else. It was more of the same while only treading upon a single character’s arc so you’re definitely more likely to see a manga review of it since the publication seems to be reaching its end with how the recent chapters are going.

This week’s Cold Steel theme is yet another relaxing theme that mostly plays during school moments and in damn near any leisurely occasion in both games so I’ll take this chance now to finally vent about my frustration with the series has fallen into. The whole bond points thing as discussed earlier leaves many of the characters rather flat. Cold Steel 1 gets somewhat of an excuse considering it was the first game and how it actually did have some group-bonding moments with two characters instead of one. The problem for bond points with me is that it isolates a given character to everyone else and focuses their relationship with Rean and Rean only. Sure, certain characters get their little conflict arcs with an opposing member of the class on a chapter per chapter basis but that only leaves an even bigger gap to the characters who don’t share such animosity towards their fellows. Compare this to Lloyd, whose bonding moments were quite limited, but still retained a ton of character bonding as a whole for the SSS. You can definitely chalk this up to Class 7 being too big for its own purposes and the developers don’t seem to have minded this because they keep adding MORE FUCKING CHARACTERS who won’t get developed and only exist to siphon what little development the main core cast can get. Against that excuse however, Estelle did this sort of dynamic much better with around the same amount of total characters as well and they’re wel emphasized by having relationships outside of constant praise of Estelle and/or Joshua. Class 7 feels more like a bunch of Rean’s friends who only slightly know each other instead of a fully cohesive group.