Music of the Week #428

Things turned out busy. Real busy

We’re back on schedule and I’m stuck in the weird position where both series I’m covering are on break. Not only that, but Azur Lane has until March while FGO won’t air a new episode until after the New Year so I’ll be a bit quiet. Which is a bit nice considering I can rant about Cold Steel some more.

This week’s tune is the regular battle theme for Cold Steel 1, a song apparently so good that they decided to name the saga after it. It’s definitely a really catchy tune that starts out strong but kind of fades out the longer it goes on, the complete opposite to what CS2’s regular fight theme is. Cold Steel’s combat, given its the first 3D game in the series, is a a mix and match of Zero/Ao’s that makes it hard to say that it has advanced its predecessor. The biggest “new” feature is Combat Links which allow certain attack properties to unbalance an enemy, allowing your opponent to follow-up with an additional basic attack. Bond Points are now front and center and dictate a considerable part of the game where you go interact with your classmates and increasing bonds involve more combat benefits regarding links where linked fighters will heal each other’s HP/MP, gain extra CP when the other is hit, cover each other’s defenses, and etc. Team Party attacks are moved to Burst while Zero/Ao’s burst is moved to Overdrive in CS2. Quartz and Orbments are also incredibly simplified now with the removal of quartz lines and counts. Now you just get a particular spell in form of a quartz that also boost certain stats. Combination Crafts are also gone, but that’s probably a given with how you have a ton of playable characters now.

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