Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 9-10: Eroge Lineage

Delays kept getting to me but this should be the last of it for a bit.

A threat like Gorgon needs more firepower than just some girl with a shield, a loli with a scythe, and a mage who can’t be knocked unconscious no matter what. So clearly what we needed was a girl flying around in her panties and a lady in a onesie.

No wait, I promise things actually get serious soon.

Episode 9 deals with the plan to get Ishtar to the hero’s side now that the threat of Gorgon clearly shows how the odds are against them. Ishtar’s temperament will make it rather simple for them to recruit her as Gilgamesh reveals that he is willing to spend money from his treasury if it means Uruk will be saved. Ishtar takes some fighting until Guda is able to play his role in playing negotiater and feigning disinterest to rope Ishtar in. Ishtar of course joins under the promise of getting 20% of Gil’s treasury as payment later. Blonde Ishtar bleeds through again in the night-time conversations which are always cute but the waifu-bait levels are incredible now that I’m going through Babylon a 2nd time.

The next comes with the last of the Three Goddess Alliance to be confronted, Queztacoatl whose popularity is something of an interest to me since she doesn’t seem “that” popular outside of certain circles for older-sister figure lovers and apparently gratuitous spanish speaking. I personally don’t find Quetz to be all that appealing and that’s a shame given that the Mesoamerican deities are hardly ever properly represented in media and the famed winged serpent is reduced to a lucha libre loving peppy onee-san. There’s certainly some comedic timing that’s coming up involving her but it’s not often I am disappointed with how Fate servants end up.

The episode was mostly comedic based given Ishtar and Gilgamesh’s arguing, the crew completely ignoring Taiga and then subsequently charming her, while we get yet another Not-Ishtar campfire conversation selling how cute a certain someone is going to be later. Get your laughs in now, every week we get closer to what Babylon really has to offer.

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