Music of the Week #427

Half-way there

With Azur Lane being done and with no commitments til Friday, I’ll be taking this chance to finally get FGO done. It kind of worked out since it mostly featured getting Ishtar and Taiga recruited while introducing Quetz, but more on that in the actual post.

While last week’s music spotlight was Afterschool Hours, this tune plays at similar moments in the game, usually break days and weekends where you’re free to interact with other class members and also, of course, be at the beck and call of the help-wanted board and assist others in the meantime. A key part to the core-gameplay loop described last week that I didn’t mention are the treks to the Old Schoolhouse, which changes its layout and goes deeper in the farther your progress through the game, think of it like Mementos and those other overworld dungeons, but unlike those, these treks are completely mandatory. These combat portions are when you get to play favorites and construct a team tailored to your style compared to the field trips that assign you a fixed squad.