Music of the Week #426

Busy Busy

Like last week, I’m in the middle of some stuff that requires immediate attention, so much so that I’m keeping this part short but the music analysis is hella long. FGO isn’t written up but once Thursday is done and gone, I’ll be mostly free. That said, I’ll probably bundle up episodes again.

Cold Steel’s premise follows suit of the two sagas before it, only instead of being full-fledged Bracer trainees or the police force trying to win back public favor by doing odd-jobs, it’s now students helping each other out in a military academy. While my gripes will get more detailed in the coming weeks, the philosophy as to why activities like this are being done by students and the existence of Class 7 is a sound one. While I wish to stay as ambiguous as possible to keep the surprises of the series obscured so that new people may enjoy, the train of logic only really makes sense once you realize the person behind the military academy was a party member of Estelle’s back in Sky. Seeing how much two kids under bracer training traveling around their country, getting to know the locals, and coming to understand the problems with each region personally basically become two of the most well-informed and skilled bracers ever made our not-to-be-named party member inspired with these results. So why not repeat the process but with more kids? Class 7 was made for this purpose with members from nobility and commoners using their differences to solve problems and come to an understanding as to how their country functions and become individuals with enough knowledge to help fix their kingdom’s deeply rooted probmes when they become of age. So far so sound. Our player character Rean Schwarzer, being our avatar with minimal individuality, thrust into the role of handyman/odd-jobs man with the rest of his classmates becoming part of clubs while his indecisiveness lands him in his predicament of being errand boy.

The school segments of the game, while I dreaded the loop of RPG gameplay segments to doing chores around the school, still hold a ton of nostalgic and enjoyment value for me since I can’t help but find the familiarity of the school setting relaxing and the fact that the writing quality of NPCs still held up in Cold Steel as it was in the previous games. Perhaps too much, and we’ll get to that later. For now, enjoy the tune of Thors Military Academy, a theme you’ll be hearing a ton of in-between all the field trips and fighting.