Azur Lane Episode 8: Freezing your assets

It’s really bothering me how hair is flowing in the wind at some parts and completely motionless in others.

At least most of the other stuff was passable but there’s only so many weeks left to salvage what this series wants to do with itself. But that’s only me and how I think this series should conduct itself and my expectations might as well be wildly different than the producers are looking for.

So it turns out that Enterprise’s weird powers haven’t actually killed either Kaga or Akagi and instead of negotiations, we get more combat with Enterprise gone missing while the Sakura fleet retreat and find an unconscious Kaga while Soryuu calls off the search for Akagi when their automated fleets have been disabled with Akagi’s disappearance. I’m already a bit disappointed because the last thing we need is more fighting to eat up animation budget and this episode didn’t come out all that great with the aforementioned inconsistency of hair in the wind effects. Fighting constantly isn’t doing this series any favors and since we’re only a few more weeks away from the finale, I can’t imagine they’d want to spend time animating more shoddy fights to drain resources instead of focusing on the finale, we can only hope they save what they can and focus on delivering a decent send-off.

What the episode cost in character visuals at least got a couple things done. 1st off, at least the environment backgrounds looked really nice with the whole “reality cracking like glass” visuals everywhere and by far the biggest development was Ayanami finally being physically saved by Laffey and Javelin which will hopefully bring an end to the fighting between the fleets and bring a bit less fighting. Shoukaku also pushes forth the idea about Akagi’s secrecy and planting that seed of suspicion against Akagi after her disappearance cripples their offensive capabilities.

Enterprise’s plot is now in a strange middle-ground of being aware of what she’s done and not being far-gone in her transformation which destroys my prediction of her being the last boss. I have no idea how where and how she’s going to be handled but the current priority that I hope for is that there’s some peace-talks. Kind of neat at how they merged her plot with the starter’s and having Ayanami being threatened by her trance is what finally bridged the gap between the starters and getting Enterprise back to her senses.

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