Music of the Week #425

A new start

I’ll be focusing on my studies for the next three weeks even in the middle of a holiday so I’ll make this quick so we can get back to regularly paced and scheduled lethargy.

We’ve finally moving from my dear Ao no Kiseki into the beginning of the end of my favor with the Kiseki subseries. Trails of Cold Steel 1 on its own isn’t as offensive as the games it is succeeded by and it has some merits that make it a fun addition to the series while keeping its legendary world-building and excruciating attention to detail in NPC dialogues. Where it falls short however, we’ll get there. Most importantly however, my perceived downfall of the series doesn’t mean the music hasn’t gotten worse. From the beginnings of Bracer trainees in the backwaters of Liberl, to the formation of the Special Support Section in the bustling cityscape of Crossbell, we now are thrust into the lives of 9 students in Erebonia’s most prestigious military academy hand-picked by a familiar face who mentions this particular intent all the way back in 3rd. Even with all my negativity, I can’t help but feel nostalgic to this tune and always entertained by the particular segment towards the end of the opening with the sunset in Heimdallr and the glint in Rean’s eye.

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