Azur Lane Episode 7: Shot through the Heart

Alright, I think I’m ready to forgive Episode 6 AND the week break.

Not only did some of the craziness return to the fighting, but the rather sudden turn of events have seriously shaken up my expectations on whats to come in the next few weeks.

In a complete turn-around from Episode 6’s mood, the allied fleets and the Sakura fleet head towards for a monumental battle that takes like half the episode setting up the fight. Invoking elements from the game’s first big event involving the germans, Akagi utilizes the black cube and some siren power to transport both fleets into the Mirror Sea, some other-wordly location that runs parallel to reality. The fighting involves the most amount of characters we’ve seen yet in a pretty decent display of some action scenes but the primary focus is of course Enterprise who once again fields herself ontop of her own planes. Kaga decides to do the same here and actually bests her with Akagi’s help with some summoned guns. In a rather predictable case, Enterprise somehow comes back with some mysterious power that clearly is tapping into Code G but in the most unexpected turn of events, kills Kaga just like that. Zuikaku’s exasperation on how carrier battles ended up being was entertaining.

Akagi doesn’t last long either despite the Matrix Revolutions style stare-down she has with Enterprise before the former sics a fire-dragon at her. The episode’s ending has probably the most shocking development that dwarfed Enterprise’s sudden power-up where Amagi is revealed, but Akagi finds to her horror that her sister has no face. I don’t even know how to interpret this aside from Akagi’s way of thinking being wrong from the start and that consorting with Sirens was never the answer, clearly, but where does she even go from here if the afterlife won’t comfort her?

Enterprise’s transformation engulfed both ally and enemies alike so now I think instead of having Akagi as the last boss, Enterprise herself is going to be it, or at least by extension, the Sirens are. With the immediate threat of Akagi out of the way, I imagine some deliberations are going to occur between the Sakura fleet and the allied fleet, which only leaves the Germans and sirens in the opposing side. Speaking of the germans, I’m still waiting on their dedicated episode. Also Hornet didn’t get to fight again, what gives.

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