Music of the Week #423

Back on top of things

If I’m recalling things correctly, Azur Lane gets a recap episode this week so it’ll just be FGO which is good for me because I want to get a lot of things done ahead of time in the next 2-3 weeks so I can relax for the entirety of December. Not much to add aside from that small bit of news but I can mention that I think it’s absolutely absurd that Azur Lane needs this recap week but if it means getting the quality back up to speed, so be it.

This week’s theme is final boss theme of Ao’s wild finale with one of the most powerful things in Kiseki’s enemy pantheon. Going beyond ambiguously evil society members, the final boss of Ao is similar to the final boss in Sky SC with it being an influenced power born out of an immensely powerful artifact. The nature of the boss is in spoiler territory so I won’t say much but my favorite moment in the game comes right after the final boss.

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