Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 5&6: Kick and Run

Back on track of things.

Had a bunch of extra work but here we are again. Episode 6 was the end of the common errands episode now that Episode 7 kicks us off into finding more items for Gil and eventually confront the goddess alliance. With Blonde Rin, who somehow isn’t Extra Rin, around, we’ll be on our way to move towards the ever-exciting middle point of the singularity.

Most of Episode 6 revolved around Gilgamesh joining Ritsuka and Mash to the waterfront observatory on the outskirts of the territory to study samples of water. It’s not so much the journey has much meaning, aside from the relevancy of the sea later on, but what goes in between that shows off how magnanimous Gilgamesh is. The fight between Gil and Enkidu was pretty fun to watch but once again, as much as these are going to be shown off, I never cared for FGO’s portrayal of these two. Mostly on Enkidu’s side because I forget the reason why he insists on going around looking like that.

This week’s episode has the errands escalate and the crew is tasked with finding a tablet for Gilgamesh in another town has gone quiet. Before they set off, Ushi gets herself a scene of endearment before she later gets the short of the end harder than most of the other characters. We’ll get a decent scene with Mash and Leonidas as well as Benkei later on. The old man from a few episodes ago shows up again when Guda accidentally slips from the underworld and refers to himself as Ziusdra, a name Merlin holds with a lot of reverence.

The episode mostly focuses on Ishtar again and the fact that she’s a pseudo-servant, a servant contained within the body of a human, and how her personality seems a bit more frivolous compared to the human host’s. Merlin explains that gods primarily have blonde hair in this age and that clues us in on what we see a couple times when the sun goes down and Ishtar falters for a bit, later showing off that she does have blonde hair under the circumstances. Of which, I’m just explaining because everyone’s favorite girl from this singularity finally showed up outside of the OP/ED, if for a brief moment. We also hear more about the Three Goddess Alliance and how Blonde Ishtar decides to play favorites. I also love how they just HAD to show her ass in the above scene.

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