Music of the Week #422

Extra work is delaying me

Got delayed for doing some extra work last week but I should hopefully be able to get to Babylon pretty soon. It’s still mostly talking and reminiscing like the previous episode but with some added Gilgamesh vs Enkidu tension. While I’m all for bromance, I think the fujo potential for those two are just way too blatant for me to appreciate, which is why I never really liked Fate’s interpretation of Enkidu at all while Gilgamesh gets a pass because Gate of Babylon is one of the coolest things ever.

This week’s theme is the vaunted theme of Arianrhod, one of the principal antagonist characters in the Trails series as one of the upper echelons of the evil organization that the three sagas fight against. Known as being one of the harder boss fights in the series and properly lauded as one of the strongest living beings in the universe, Ariahrhod’s theme is properly booming with force and power and her initial boss fight only requires you to damage her to a certain threshold before she cutscene powers you to death.