Azur Lane Episode 5: Cloudy Sky

The fight quality is back up to normal and we pick up where we left off last episode.

We’re nearly at the half-way point of the season and I find myself both oddly comfortable with the pace of this series as well as slightly worried we’ll be rushing towards the finale. For the most part, the three primary plot-lines are at least moving at a recognizable pace, what remains at the end of it is what worries me because it’s either developing into something unimpressive or it’s comfortable pacing won’t stop and we’ll get something rushed. I can only hope that isn’t the case since I’m not exactly hating the adaptation.

So as far as the Sakura ships are aware of, Akashi has been kidnapped and they have been ordered to pursue Edinburgh and Sheffield with Akashi in tow. This only proves to me that Akagi is going to get the short end of the stick for deceiving everybody when A). Everyone realizes they were being duped by her and/or B). Akashi is the one to reveal Akagi’s treachery and also tell her friends that she ran away willingly. Shoukaku’s general disposition against her seniors didn’t exactly include suspicion until this episode but her hyperbolic attitude against them probably lessens the effect to the other Sakura girls around her. Speaking of Sakura girls, fan-favorite Atago made her debut and not only fondled Takao to break the latter’s charisma but also comforted Ayanami in her increasingly relevant dilemma of fighting the other starters.

The battlefield this time around is an unnamed ruined city where Sheffy, Edinburgh, and Akashi are hiding out in. This wouldn’t be the first time this topic is brought up but civilization seems to still be recovering from the war with the sirens and despite the tension, it’s still rather weird seeing the fighting take place a bit on land though. The misty environment gave me London vibes but just having London as its own separate island is silly but this is a show about anthropomorphized boat girls.

But speaking of anthropomorphized boat girls, Repulse of all girls is the one to start the particular conversation about their purpose, which is then passed on to Belfast and Enterprise about their purpose in life. Enterprise of course sees nothing but seeing their ultimate meaning is to simply fight but Belfast puts her opinion on their purpose in a decently eloquent way, with a bit of a maid’s flare on it too. It’s a solid enough excuse I guess, not even people know what they’re here for and Belfast’s statement that the girls were given minds and hearts of their own proves that their worth is beyond simply warfare, otherwise they’d just be machines.

The fighting thankfully seems to be back to the regular quality of things, nothing like the stuff from last week. Can’t say there were all too many notably cool things this time around since we’re dealing with a pretty regular line-up of girls we’ve previously seen. Belfast is going around saving everyone and Enterprise is still that one big deterrent that can win fights herself.

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