Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 4: Reflection

I have to say that Jaguar Man really did break the pace of the visuals.

Yet in that same breadth I’m acknowledging a tiny girl running around in a leotard and a body-jacked Rin flying around in her panties. I guess the point is that in gacha, unless it’s cute or sexy, don’t bother. Wouldn’t you know it, Jaguar Man’s final ascension falls in the latter category, at least I think that’s what most would place it at. Anyways, we don’t deal with much in this episode but we do some important looking back though.

The episode opens up with a flashback of London’s epilogue where Solomon bodies your crew and leaves with Guda powerless to stop the big bad here and there. This week’s episode is a lot more introspective of Guda’s character, far more than any sort of character the player in the game gets. He questions his choice in decisions and is comforted by Mash who recalls an event that goes back as early as Orleans where she gets some encouraging words from Mozart. Olga Marie shows up again in a flashback where she just dies, to no one’s surprise, to emphasize Guda’s powerlessness. I’m definitely one to agree with these moments since Guda barely gets any sort of personal opinion on conversations other than all but two options presented where its difference in dialogue is either non-existent or minimal. An introspective scene will take place again in the future with Mash, since this is also particularly focused on her and her weakening health.

I might be wrong but I vaguely recall Guda’s meeting with the old man being alone without Mash around but there will be more meetings and it will be significant by the end as to who this man is, that is, if the voice didn’t already give it away. I’ll keep to minimal spoilers the best I can because the climax and finale of the singularity is good enough for me to keep it fresh for anyone who didn’t have the chance to experience it for themselves.

The plot mildly moves forward where Gilgamesh finally acknowledges the crew after a month of labor and sends them to Ur and report their findings afterwards. Merlin gets excited describing the 11 beasts of Tiamat and we arrive to Ur, strangely surrounded by a dense jungle. Taiga shows up, but she puts up the fight later when the town of Ur is revealed to be doing just fine compared to the other ruined settlements. Merlin however addresses the crowd, and finds that all the able-bodied males seem absent and deduces that they’ve been sacrificed to the local god to keep them safe from the demonic beasts. Said god turned out to be Taiga who apparently decided that sacrifices were too old school and just went them to work. Aside from following the source material, I guess the one thing to note about these events is that Guda got to make a decision to either stay and fight or lose.

Honestly there wasn’t much else that I felt the need to address. We’re in for a slow-paced ride after all.

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