Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 2: Enter the Court Mage

Less Ishtar groin, more Merlin and fancy chains.

I didn’t hide the fact that the previous singularities were not worth mentioning but I can’t help but feel really nostalgic when both the opening and ending chronicle events from previous story beats. I’m a sucker for shots referencing previous works.

Enkidu’s identity is compromised when everyone’s favorite wizard appears and reveals that Gilgamesh had already returned from his trip to gain immortality, an action that was catalyzed with Enkidu’s demise. The Enkidu we see now is but a servant of Solomon and he quickly moves for the offensive until Ana delays him for Merlin to cast full-party invuln. The trek to Uruk takes the rest of the episode and Gilgamesh shows himself to be a very orderly king, literally getting constant updates of the war-front and the city’s inner workings with each passing minute and taking consideration into the morale of his people. Many have definitely not been exposed to the Gilgamesh from CCC where he isn’t a complete douche like in Zero and UBW so this would technically be his first animated version where he’s like this, I can easily say his charisma really carries the first half of the singularity.

Speaking of characters who didn’t get a chance for a major animated appearance, Merlin finally appears in all his glory. After nearly a decade of being referenced and some recent cameos involving the Knights of the Round Table in Apocrypha and the likes, Merlin finally gets to play an actual role in the story. Now that I think of it, Romani’s obsession of Magi Mari hasn’t really been referenced yet in the animated FGO features either so his disdain for Merlin, much less Fou’s, hasn’t been truly elucidated on. I think the one-sided animosity will become more entertaining if you already know what the deal is with Romani anyway.

We’ll run into a bevy of other characters once Gilgamesh puts the protagonist duo and Merlin to some more work so we only have Ana and Siduri to talk about. Episode 1 was just Ishtar’s groin being displayed like a public attraction and I feared I’d have to waste time getting all them shots of Ana didn’t have as much, which was better for me since I’d rather get to watching the rest of the episode. Ana’s whole plotline in Babylonia wasn’t all that appealing to me and I certainly didn’t hate it but what comes after was just that much more exciting. Siduri will get more time later, and I’ll be interested to see how much they give her.

Certainly an episode with more exposition but now that we’re in Uruk proper, we’ll be getting to the meat of the Daily Life in Uruk bits before we go and deal with the Three Goddesses. Here’s hoping we’ll see Tomoe because she was teased this early.

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