Music of the Week #417

Bring on the new season

So I completely forgot to mention that BnHA is having its 4th season airing among all the those I listed I was interested in last week. While the three previously mentioned ones will probably get weekly recaps, I don’t think I will cover BnHA because the Overhaul arc is exactly the part where I started thinking the series wasn’t going to peak like the All For One arc did. In that regard, I’m debating whether or not I should do my usual weekly recaps in a collective format at the end of each week or actually do individual reviews per episode, except now review the episode instead of simply summarizing them like I always do. We’ll see how each Episode 1 makes me feel but if I actually do shorter reviews in favor of critique like I should have been doing, this might go easier.

Anyways, this week’s tune is one of my favorites. In the Kiseki universe, nearly all inhabitants of the continent of Zemuria worship a single deity known as Aidios and the Septian Church that is its institution is a well respected organization throughout the land. A while back in the spotlight for Sky SC’s OST, we’re introduced to the organization of Ouroboros who have bad guys with numbered designations for their operatives. This is neatly countered by the fact that the Septian church has its own branch of secret good guy agents called Dominions. Turns out that someone in Ao is a Dominion all along and assists our beleaguered Lloyd, who at this point has gone through some incredibly tough circumstances, with a special airship called a Merkabah to act as their mobile HQ for the endgame, fulfilling the destiny of every JRPG to give you access to airship sooner or later. This week’s tune, so aptly named, is the theme that plays during your Merkabah rides.

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