Music of the Week #416

Back on things

I’m currently unsure of how many Case Files there’s going to be. Doing the double feature did tell me how we’re nearing the end of the season and how I wasn’t ever able to binge Tejina-senpai yet. For better or for worse, Fall 2019 seems like one hell of a season for me since we’ve got stuff like Bokuben S2, FGO: Babylon, and Azur Lane just to name a few. Bokuben will or more less have me question how far they intend to take the series since the really good chapters are farther down the line, FGO Babylon will mostly be me waiting for the finale, and Azur Lane’s original anime is going to be either a complete fucking disaster or be surprisingly palatable. I’m excited to find out all things considered. And wouldn’t you know it, Date A Live got green-lit for another season, god help us.

As of prelude of things to come, if Renne and her special friend didn’t surprise you, then the event this theme plays will probably cement the fact that the Kiseki series takes place in the midst of a technological revolution. If the switch from Liberl to Crossbell, even with just Zeiss, wasn’t a jump then the series’ future with Cold Steel still has much to show, even if the quality of its contents may not. Anyone complaining about mechs in this series need to remember that mechs were there since the 1st game.