Lord El Melloi II Case Files Episodes 10: But Why? Why would he do any of that?

Adashino is looking more suspicious by the episodes, even if Olga survived that encounter.

Things are stacking up to be busier but I should still be alright now that Nerofest is finally over.

While the crew had reluctantly abandoned Grey in the forest, it turns out she’s well and good hiding away the blizzard in a cave with Hephaestion, who deemed her worthy to kill in a proper fight than by environment. Heph sees that Grey and Add are similar to her that they are beings made to imitate a great hero and Grey herself states that she wants to use her powers to help Waver fulfill his dream. Heph however finds his dream ludicrous and Grey’s previous dreams alluded to Heph’s disappointment to what Iskandar had dreamed of.  The blizzard ends and Heph leaves first, while Grey is incapacitated by her for peering into her mind.

Elsewhere, Kairi and Luvia meet with the Mary Fargo from the earlier episodes to investigate Trisha’s death and they hear an account about how Olga’s father, Marisbury, had been investigating the Holy Grail War for a number of years. This dedication to his study caused him to lose interesting in his daughter’s future and Trisha wanted to take care of Olga while also wanting to figure out what caused Marisbury to act like this. Fargo mentions a “man with no heart” who worked with Marisbury on the subject. Back on the train, Caules and Melvin find Grey surfing on Add and she safely makes her way back into the train.

Adashino, in Waver’s current absences, decides to take up the mantle as the investigator and brings in Olga who carries in Trisha’s severed head. Adashino explains that Trisha had actually known about her imminent demise and prepared an imaginary space where her head would fall, preserving it until someone found it. Olga’s tampering with the magic in her room had her uncover the head, whereupon it muttered Karabo, Frampton’s first name. She pins the murder on him but Waver comes in to interject with Grey behind him as Frampton has no reason to commit murder. But before Frampton can really protect himself, the manager for the auction appears to harvest his eyes, a ploy which Adashino counted on for everyone to be in the exact room they’re in for. Waver declares his intent to get to the bottom of all of this now that he’s treated.

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