Music of the Week #413


I actually have a solid excuse this time: I got a new laptop and spent around two days moving everything and installing everything over again. The only gripe I have right now is that my earbuds pop every time sound starts up after there’s nothing playing. Reinstalling drivers doesn’t seem to do the trick, I hope I can fix it. El Melloi will be good to go right after this.

You gotta love it when a recurring motif gets a dramatic shake-up and there’s nothing as telling as the main fight theme getting it. Played in more emotional moments, I remember this theme being the time when Randy told Lloyd about his past and how his actions got an innocent friend killed by his reputation. For one reason or another, something about Tio and Elie never felt worth romancing while bro-ing it up with Randy just felt right, maybe it’s because it somewhat feeds into Lloyd’s brother being dead.

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