Music of the Week #411

A bit late

Some last minute preparations had me working a bit longer than expected. We’re finally back on track now that I got Case Files out so hopefully things continue smoothly. I’ve been slow this season but next season seems, interesting to say the least.

This week’s theme is the theme of one interestingly prominent side-character who we mostly stopped thinking about by the middle of Zero. Early in Zero, you deal with the turf wars between the gangs called the Testaments and the Saber Vipers. Wazy, the leader of the former, ends up joining the SSS while Wald stays behind and you even fight him to symbolize Wazy moving on from their petty conflicts. Wald’s character however becomes something of a rival for Wazy even after story events advance his character by a ton. Wald’s involvement, for someone so minor in the side-character department surprised me and I appreciated how he was able to play a role in the game.