Lord El Melloi II Case Files Episodes 7: And they’re off

Let’s hope my fetish for fighting on a moving train isn’t the only thing that will make this exciting.

I’m not sure if the Animuspheres played a big part in this in the novels or not but I wouldn’t doubt it.

The eponymous Rail Zeppelin is boarded by our initial party of Waver, Gray, and Caules who requested to come along for the ride. Waver uses the invitation he received to board the train where an auction for rare mystic eyes will be held in 3 days time. Olga Marie Animusphere makes an appearance here who states that Waver shouldn’t try to get in her family’s way as she boards the train as well. Waver’s crew are surprised to learn that one of his students’ families are associated with the auction but are also surprised at the presence of the Church within the auction as well.

Waver is contacted yet again by the Animuspheres after he sees that the person who gave him his invitation pass hasn’t contacted him yet. Back on regular ground, Kairi is brought along for the ride when Reines hires him to investigate if anyone from the Clock Tower was responsible for stealing Iskandar’s cape from Waver’s office, with Luvia showing herself as his support. The Animuspheres asks him to cooperate with them in obtaining a high grade mystic eye that will be put up for auction. Waver is doubtful of said high grade eye existing in the first place but Olga’s aide reveals that her own mystic eye gives her the ability of premonition and she confirms that it will be present at the event. Waver, and Olga’s knowledge, of the El Melloi house’s lack of funds makes this a problem but she promises him a reward should he at least try and exert his influence over the auction to make sure that no other individual gets on the hit list of two relatively big families. Gray runs into the Priest from before whose own mystic eyes immediately discerns her past being related to King Arthur, and identifies Gray’s concerns over her role as Waver’s assistant but is given some encouragement saying that he needs her.

The train temporarily stops at a rest area and Gray asks Waver about his time during the Holy Grail War and he describes that his goal would be to try and meet Iskandar again, despite the known fact that servants do not retain memories from previous wars. Gray tries to comfort Waver, saying that his desire is simply natural to wanting to meet a friend again. Before Gray can make any further attempts at comforting him, a scream alerts the two and they rush over to the source of the disturbance in Olga’s room where they find her aide has been killed.

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