Music of the Week #412

Busy Busy

I feel like watching Tejina-senpai, I’ll probably binge it sooner or later like I always do when I’m rounding seasonal recaps. Aside from that it’ll just be the usual fare until we hit the Fall season.

This week’s theme is the mysterious tune of the Crossbell Marshland of Blue that is a boat ride away from the city’s docks. This part of the game has you investigate further into the mysterious events and rumors that pop up after the Orchis Tower incident is concluded. Yin, the mysterious assassin, whose identity is obvious, joins up with the crew to the end of the expedition.

Lord El Melloi II Case Files Episodes 8: Blitzing on a train

I should really try and see if this is what actually happens in the novels because for an adaptation, we’re still more than half original content for this series.

Because I feel like I would have heard something about these events from some errant TypeMoon conversation but guess not. TM does tend to throw in a lot of characters from other works in these alternate time-lines, take Caules and Kairi for example, but were the Animuspheres this prominent before Grand Order? I need to dig up some info.

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Music of the Week #411

A bit late

Some last minute preparations had me working a bit longer than expected. We’re finally back on track now that I got Case Files out so hopefully things continue smoothly. I’ve been slow this season but next season seems, interesting to say the least.

This week’s theme is the theme of one interestingly prominent side-character who we mostly stopped thinking about by the middle of Zero. Early in Zero, you deal with the turf wars between the gangs called the Testaments and the Saber Vipers. Wazy, the leader of the former, ends up joining the SSS while Wald stays behind and you even fight him to symbolize Wazy moving on from their petty conflicts. Wald’s character however becomes something of a rival for Wazy even after story events advance his character by a ton. Wald’s involvement, for someone so minor in the side-character department surprised me and I appreciated how he was able to play a role in the game.

Lord El Melloi II Case Files Episodes 7: And they’re off

Let’s hope my fetish for fighting on a moving train isn’t the only thing that will make this exciting.

I’m not sure if the Animuspheres played a big part in this in the novels or not but I wouldn’t doubt it.

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Bokuben: All Caught Up

Back in Winter I went ahead and marathoned all of Kaguya-sama and then caught up with the manga soon after up until the Ice Kaguya personality took over and something similar happened with Bokuben as this post was written up at least 3 weeks ago but I was waiting on Jojo to finally end before I posted it.

Turned out Gotoubun aired a season before Bokuben did with a somewhat similar plot and I’ll probably get into that since the two girls I’m interested in seem to be in the run for the most popular girls to begin with, fancy that. While Bokuben hasn’t finished yet, that second season is coming and while I realize certain parts of some decently important character-building chapters were not adapted, I can only hope that we get to the better chapters of the series to really make it come onto its own. But before that, let’s go over some of the later, more focused parts.

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Music of the Week #410

So close

Case Files turned out to be like half of a seasonal recap than an overview of the first six episodes but as stated before, it’s original stuff that slowly led up to the actual case being put under Waver’s attention. Hopefully I’ll get some actual stuff for the series going on when the episode drops. Aside from that Bokuben’s post about my thoughts on the manga’s progression will go up soon too.

This week’s theme oozes with anticipation of things to come and while most previous week’s themes have really fit in with their weekly expectations, there isn’t so much to expect aside from the regular stuff this time around. Still a great theme that paints a scene of mystery and light foreboding.

Lord El Melloi II Case Files Episodes 1-6: Getting to Rail Zeppelin

Took me long enough to write this up. Got busy with the start of August and actually waiting for Jojo to end that I nearly forgot about this. Wasn’t until my brother urged to watch this together that I finally got off my ass to get down with this.

But hey, as it turns out, it worked out after all slacking around because we didn’t even get to investigating the Rail Zeppelin yet. This also turned out to be less of a review and more just a quick overview.

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