Music of the Week #407

Here I am sitting around like an idiot when Waver’s series is out and about.

Feels good having that DMC5 thing out of the way after nearly half a year putting it off. I went ahead and caught up to the entirety of Bokuben during the mean time and have a mild interest in reading the entirety of Gotoubun while I’m at it later. Aside from that, I really need to hurry up with getting caught up with something from this season. Speaking of which, Fall is shaping up to be rather chock full of potential watches, I even think Bokuben Season 2 was already announced between now and before its review went up.

This week’s theme is the remixed Geofront theme that plays during the aftermath of what goes down in the Trade Conference where you are forced to give chase to some problematic people to say the least. It’s a cool remix of the classic Geofront theme now with an intense chasing vibe going through it.

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