Music of the Week #406

Wrote a lot

So instead of looking up shows to watch this weekend, I entered one of my writing highs and belted out the seasonal overview for Part 5 before it’s finale came out later this week, an addendum to Bokuben (Since I went ahead and caught up with the whole thing), and more or less finished my thoughts on DMC5. The latter of which isn’t as great as I wanted it to be since I only delayed that for 4 months so whatever gripes I had with the story’s shortcomings have more or less fizzled away so forgive me if I just ramble on like an amateur about shit you already know about. As far as Bokuben is concerned, I did the exact thing with Kaguya-sama when I binged watched that after the season ended but didn’t feel like going over it. Glad to have DMC5 finally behind me though.

Anyways, this week’s tune is one of my favorites. Last week I talked about the event known as the West Zemuria Trade Conference, something one might have heard if they played through Trails 3rd and something they definitely heard about if they skipped the Crossbell duology and went ahead to play Coldsteel 1 and 2 where it’s directly mentioned as to taking place. It’s one of the higher points of an already excellent game and was certainly one of my favorite parts. I don’t think any other scenario in a game has rivaled the air of tense political debating over fictional countries as much as Ao has done. There probably won’t be another meticulously written world as much as this again.

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