Music of the Week #405

Almost there

So the first half of the DMC post is ready to go, but I’d feel a bit weird if DMC was plopped right into the middle of the seasonal recaps so I’ll save that for the end. Bokuben got its post and I’m writing up something short for Senko-san while Jojo will conclude, I think, this Friday with that hour-long special. So we’re good to go, things just need to line up in a timely manner.

As if to herald good things to come, despite me not seeing anything that I blatantly want to watch this coming season, this week’s tune is that of the West Zemuria Trade Conference, the single most exciting event in the Kiseki series’ shared history as figureheads from each of the countries arrive for formal diplomacy with the location being in Crossbell’s newest venue, the Orchis Tower. Now, my description of “exciting event in Kiseki’s shared history” might be dwarfed with the combined cast fighting together in Cold Steel 4 but who cares about that wreck?

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