Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 37: God or Demon

So at first I loaded up by seasonal review mode to talk about Part 5 but I realized that this isn’t the end, in fact, we have an hour long finale coming up for Part 5’s conclusion no doubt covering the Rolling Stones Arc that I mentioned last week. It’ll be nice to see the crew up and moving around instead of just cutting to a shot of Giorno, Mista, and Polnareff being mobsters.

So, where’s my Fugo movie?

Diavolo’s execution of Trish that sent his and her body flying backwards towards the arrow backfires as the weird light that functions as Chariot Requiem’s abilities is fully destroyed, only this time by Buccellati’s intervention. The souls of everyone affected by Chariot Requiem slowly reunite with their original selves , putting a distance between Diavolo and the Arrow while Giorno sees Buccellati’s soul begin his ascent to heaven. Buccellati assures Giorno that this is just simply how things are, and that his life was given new meaning after they decided to betray the boss back when they first met in Naples. As Diavolo is distraught over the arrow still avoiding his grasp, the golden clouds that carried Buccellati to the sky grants Giorno the arrow.

Diavolo makes the fight or flight decision to return to hiding to strike another day and Trish points out at how her father is planning to flee. Diavolo then readjusts his thoughts, there is no next time for him to strike and decides to make the gamble now and charges Giorno, who calls out his Gold Experience and pierces his stand with the arrow. Diavolo becomes glad that he committed to fighting back as his Epitaph reveals to him Giorno’s body bleeding from making contact with the arrow and Diavolo moves in for the kill and crushes Gold Experience’s eye. However, the injury seems more like a result of the arrow’s effects as the arrow itself does fall to the ground, but becomes absorbed by Gold Experience and the survivor’s of Buccellati’s team and Diavolo witness Giorno with his new, empowered stand, Gold Experience Requiem.

Requiem blasts a chunk of floating rock towards Diavolo’s hands as he declares some funky words about truth but Diavolo is unfazed as Epitaph still shows him his victory in the end, concluding that whatever Requiem’s abilities are, it is simple a matter of strength than something truly powerful like King Crimson. Diavolo charges again and sees GRE’s punch flurry in the future’s movements and moves to avoid it. He can now clearly see his victory prophesied but his hits simply do not land. King Crimson’s abilities then revert back to itself, the future is rewound and Diavolo experiences some seriously trippy shit where his once-thought invincible power is undone before him. GRE itself speaks to Diavolo, that what Diavolo saw was indeed the prophesied future, but against GRE, that truth is a meaningless conclusion that will never occur.

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