Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 32: Crusader’s Return

A little delayed due to some personal issues. Secco’s fight was a bit more involved than I remember since the most I remember is the Muda Muda page spread.

I think I made the estimate last week but I’m for certain that the series will conclude early July. I better start writing up a wrap-up since the last arc technically starts next week as the absolute clusterfuck of shenanigans involving the arrow will take place.

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Music of the Week #400


An unexpected accident made for a busy weekend and Monday so here we are. Not much else has really changed aside from last week but I did finally get through DMC5’s Hell and Hell Mode which gives a lot of insight as to what moves excel at. It’s still doesn’t excuse how I’m three months late to talking about the game but I’ve finished Nero and Dante’s sections and I am thinking about splitting the whole thing into separate posts since it’s getting rather big.

This week will conclude coverage of Zero no Kiseki’s OST and we’re at a rare point in the series where the first game of a saga isn’t alluding to a greater threat at the end of the first game, a series tradition at this point given the examples. The statement isn’t completely true since there are a lot of unresolved issues in the sidelines of the game and only the immediate threat is dealt with at the end of the day but Zero ends on a much more conclusive note than the cliffhanger endings present in the Sky FC and Cold Steel 1.