Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 35: Mother of all Death Flags

Jesus, calm down with the aspirations Narancia.

I realize I failed to discuss the matter of the altered opening and there’s not really much to say other than it’s what I expected and I wasn’t as mesmerized by it since there’s only so much you can do with skipping time and seeing the future. In fact, I thought it would take more distortions then just that one bit near the end.

Buccellati’s soul swapped with Diavolo’s and Sticky Fingers is able to literally disarm Chariot Requiem as he reconvenes with his crew. He picks up quickly on who is who and asks if his body has moved and the group responds that his original body hasn’t moved an inch. As they move towards the dropped Arrow next to the fallen Chariot Requiem, Sticky Fingers’ arm materializes out of Diavolo/Buccellati’s arm to stop him from retrieving the arrow. Mista/Trish helps out with Sex Pistols and Buccellati warns him to duck, as their stands are fighting back after making contact with Requiem. Polnareff explains that this is his first time seeing this effect as well and surmises that his dying intens to protect the arrow has given Chariot the abilities to turn stands berserk if they got close enough to the arrow. Chariot gets back up, picks up the arrow, and continues walking away with it but another pressing matter arises when Buccellati’s original body wakes up. The crew hide behind the pillars and Buccellati orders for Mista to shoot his body down, saying that as long as Giorno is here, they’ll be able to get him back to his body later.

Mista takes aim and Buccellati’s body is taken down without resistance. Narancia double checks the surrounding area and confirms that no one else is approaching the Colosseum. Swelled with joy in their victory over the Boss, Narancia happily shares all the things he’ll be able to do once they return home and even mentions meeting back up with Fugo once this is all over.  Buccellati asks for Mista to shoot off his body’s legs just to make sure and Mista asks Trish for the bullets his original body stores in his boots but as they hand off the bullets, time skips. The panicking crew is reminded by Polnareff that Diavolo’s two states of mind must have separated them under Chariot Requiem’s effects and that the one they just killed was Doppio, meaning that Diavolo is still around. Blood drips nearby however signal the crew to look up and they find Narancia, in Giorno’s body, stabbed through the bars overhead. Giorno heals the wounded body but states that it’s so empty that he’s beginning to take his place back into his body while Narancia passes away properly in his own body. Diavolo was once again able to assassinate one of their own with an ability that would be able to locate him.

Giorno covers Narancia with a field of flowers before the crew make haste to chase down the Arrow before Diavolo is able to.  In the streets of Rome, as more people begin to wake up, the possibility of identifying Diavolo begins to thin but the crew locates Chariot Requiem and Buccellati knocks it out. All that’s left is to retrieve the arrow but any attempts to try and get it is met with opposing force. Polnareff however, a being currently with no stand, is able to pick it up and hurriedly tells Mista to pierce his stand with the arrow before Chariot Requiem gets closer.

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