The End of Gintama- So Long Silver Soul

So while I was writing up the episode recap for this week’s Jojo and trying to make some headway into the belayed DMC5 post, it finally happened. After nearly 2-3 years from the announcement about Gintama having reached it’s final arc, the 16-year old manga epic has come to a close as of a couple hours before the writing of this introduction. I’m not exactly sure how to describe this feeling I have in me right now.

Now, me talking about Gintama is a bit rare for a couple of reasons. As anyone who is aware of the series would know, it is incredibly long and it’s a special case of longevity when you remember how around half of it is comedic while the other half of it tells an actually serious tale of redemption and the weighted history of its characters. So much so that it could be its own series. It’s because of this divide and constant switch between the two aspects that form the series’ greatest strengths, and its greatest weakness in terms of allowing newer fans to access the highs and lows of the series. I personally can tell you that I have skipped a significant number of arcs and episodes and focused on the comedy just to get to the ones that had some of serious parts regarding the main cast’s past. My experience with the series is admittedly fragmented, yet it is a series that I can say that I immensely enjoyed but avoided talking too much about it due to this incomplete experience I had with it.

This isn’t so much a review, more like some late night/early morning ramblings and getting some stuff off my chest on this series that I’ve been wanting to address.

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