Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 34: Let it begin

The final arc enters its first phase as Chariot Requiem rearranges everyone’s souls.

Including the Boss’s own defenses and now everyone has to get in their heads that someone right now has the Boss’s soul inside their bodies. The question is who

The craziness begins as Chariot Requiem’s appearance and Polnareff’s death immediately puts the reawakened stand’s effect into immediate action as everyone inside and outside the Colosseum is put to sleep, including the mighty Diavolo. The crew themselves soon reawaken but find that their bodies have been switched around. Narancia and Giorno have switched bodies while Mista and Trish have switched theirs. Mista is incredibly horrified by his lack of male parts while Trish is even more horrified that Mista is sticking his hands everywhere on her body. Narancia calls his Aerosmith to scout the area and sees that a good chunk of the city has been affected by this stand’s powers. Not only that, but everyone’s stand’s seems to have been enhanced with extra energy under these effects.

The most pressing question however involves Buccellati’s still unconscious body and who had swapped souls with him. Giorno uses his abilities to try and track down the closest lifeforms near them and comes upon a hit but they’re surprised to find that Coco Jumbo, the stand turtle, has swapped souls with none other than Polnareff. Polnareff explains that he was the contact that led him here and unveils information about the Arrow and Diavolo but states that not only has he been done in by Diavolo and that his proper corpse is upstairs, there should be Diavolo’s body upstairs as well. Polnareff explains that what is going on is that his stand has gone berserk under the effects of the arrow and is no longer under his control.

Polnareff recounts how he discovered this during his time recovering from his fight with Diavolo in a small farming town. The Arrow he had propped on a wall had fallen behind a cabinet and he was unable to reach over to grab it because of his condition. Instead, he had Chariot to retrieve it and the arrowhead scraped the stand’s finger and the abilities went berserk, putting everything to sleep and then swapping their souls afterwards. Polnareff wrested the arrow out of Chariot’s hands and things went back to normal. Back in the present, Polnareff instructs the crew to destroy Chariot, which wouldn’t affect him now that he his regular body has died. He also passes on vital information that Diavolo is actually “two” people and Narancia scans that someone is rushing towards the arena and the crew make haste. They find Diavolo charging towards Chariot Requiem but are surprised to find that Diavolo’s body has Sticky Fingers at its disposal, revealing that Diavolo’s body is currently being used by Buccellati.

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