Music of the Week #402


Been overworked these past few days so of course, I’m a bit behind on schedule. Completely forgot about getting pictures for Jojo but we’re all good to go now. DMC5 is still on the backburner due to said overworking but I’ll try to allocate my time between that and the upcoming seasonal reviews, which only has three series I’ll be talking about, maybe just two. I’LL FINISH DMC5’S POST BEFORE THE SUMMER ENDS

Moving straight along, we have another classic tradition of remixed renditions of themes from the preceding game getting a new coat of paint in the new entry. This week’s tune is another version of Scene of a Street Corner as Lloyd and Noel’s trip to Calvard has them return to Crossbell with all of its familiar venues and locations. Plus that car in the image isn’t just for show, revisiting locations now gives you the option to fast travel using the car instead of walking there or using a bus.