Music of the Week #401


I keep trying to write more of DMC5 but it’s been hard trying to find the time between my new schedule and trying to make the most out of my breaks. I’m still half-heartedly trying to S-rank all missions every now and then but boy do I have a specific complaint about how the game’s structure impedes continuous attempts at trying to No Damage certain missions. It’s either that or I try to farm a ridiculous amount of style from Royal Guarding everything.

As the new picture would suggest, the summer time welcomes Ao no Kiseki which is fitting because I managed to play through it last summer. Ao starts off tying up loose ends from the conclusion of Zero as Lloyd and Noel tag along with Arios and Dudley to track down a particular man who went and betrayed the trust of the SSS to as far as Calvard. Opening on a literally strong note, Ao’s regular fight theme is ever so slightly different from Get Over the Barrier and that distinction is noteworthy because most games in the series usually have a downgrade in common battle themes in my opinion, and this is applicable from FC to SC and as we will find out later, from Cold Steel 1 to Cold Steel 2.