Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 33: Enter Diavolo

He’s here.

When I first heard his voice in the anime, I thought it was a bit less aggressive than the ASB’s but Konishi’s voice is definitely growing on me now. Of course, it helps that I’m incredibly biased for Konishi but I am liking smooth and aggressive Diavolo than completely angry Diavolo. With his introduction as well as the appearance of Chariot Requiem, the absolute mindfuck half of the final arc begins.

The exhausted Buccellati starts losing his sensory abilities and is helped out by Doppio who helps him cross the road. Doppio, knowing full well that Buccellati and his crew are meeting someone in the Colosseum, guides him there in hopes of discovering who it is in Buccellati’s confusion. Doppio hides from Mista already by the Colosseum’s walls waiting for Buccellati and he quickly hides himself and Buccellati behind a post to evade Mista’s line of sight. Buccellati asks what’s wrong but then begins to refer to Doppio as Trish and the Boss chimes to Doppio about how most of Buccellati’s senses are not functioning and that he is seeing Trish when he looks at Doppio, due to their similar souls. Doppio imitates a girl’s voice to act like Trish and helps Buccellati up to continue into the Colosseum to meet Polnareff. As they evade the rest of the crew, Buccellati goes on about how he has a small safehouse in Naples for Trish to use once all of this ends but the Boss quickly tells Doppio about a foreign pair of eyes spying on them and a voice rings out asking who’s there. Polnareff orders for Buccellati to not ascend the stairs leading to his location because he is not sure who the other person is and Buccellati explains that he is with Trish, someone Polnareff doesn’t have information on. Doppio continues his trick and speaks in a feminine voice to fool Polnareff and the latter apologizes, citing the dark shadows of the Colosseum obstructing his view. Either way, Polnareff demands to see “Trish’s” Stand just to be sure and Doppio eyes the arrow in Polnareff’s lap but Polnareff feels a sinister but sinister aura coming from “Trish”.

We get a quick flashback of how Diavolo obtained the arrows during an excavation in Egypt and how Enya Geil taught him how to use them if she was allowed to fire them a couple times. Diavolo made a handsome amount of money by selling five other arrow heads while he kept one in his possession. With this, Diavolo rose to the top of the food chain while at a similar time, Jotaro and Polnareff got back together to investigate the arrows and got word of how Diavolo dug a bunch of them up in Egypt. Jotaro investigated America and Asia while Polnareff investigated Africa and Europe. Polnareff tracked down Diavolo studying a rise of drug-related crime in Italy. Word reached Diavolo that someone was investigating him and he approached Polnareff personally to eliminate him. The fight’s aftermath had Diavolo believing that Polnareff was killed after he was robbed of several limbs but Polnareff somehow survived and managed to obtain another arrow. Polnareff recognizes who “Trish” is at last and tells Buccellati to get away but Doppio disappears and Polnareff’s binoculars breaks as he realizes that King Crimson’s ability had just activated. Giorno and co. also feel it as they make their way up some stairs and Polnareff hears the slow footsteps climbing up the stairs. As Doppio emerges from the shadows and goes behind a pillar, Diavolo’s true face is revealed and he declares that he has come to Polnareff to finish this “test” to overcome his past mistakes. Diavolo rushes up the stairs and Polnareff preemptively bites his thumb to drop some blood onto his lap and as King Crimson activates, he sees the blood stains increase in count and lashes out at Silver Chariot.

Diavolo is impressed by Polnareff’s ability but in the end, a stand with just a sword can only do so much against skipping through time. Polnareff’s last effort is seen by Diavolo within King Crimson’s time skipping ability where he sees Silver Chariot being pierced by the arrow. Diavolo disengages his assault and kicks Silver Chariot away as it climbs up the walls and disappears. Diavolo finishes Polnareff off and picks up the arrow stuck in a pillar as the life leaves from Polnareff’s eyes, with his last thoughts being of his friends from his previous adventures. As the crew locate Buccellati, Diavolo is stunned at the appearance of a mysterious new stand bearing the mark of the arrow.

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