Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 32: Crusader’s Return

A little delayed due to some personal issues. Secco’s fight was a bit more involved than I remember since the most I remember is the Muda Muda page spread.

I think I made the estimate last week but I’m for certain that the series will conclude early July. I better start writing up a wrap-up since the last arc technically starts next week as the absolute clusterfuck of shenanigans involving the arrow will take place.

Secco chases Buccellati through the streets of Rome but is distraught when he and Buccellati discover that the mold has stopped spreading across town. The call he had received earlier from Cioccolata was a recording and Secco is briefly stunned at this revelation but becomes abrasive towards his late partner, calling him weak and exclaiming that he only hung around him because he viewed Cioccolata as strong but clearly he wasn’t strong enough. Secco wastes no time in switching focus to speeding towards the Colosseum and Buccellati tries to intervene but the two get into a quick clash of attacks. The two notice a glint of light coming from between the Colosseum’s gaps and Secco states that he saw a man in a wheelchair with some prosthetic to boot. Buccellati quickly escapes through a zipper on the ground and Secco gives a mad chase, feeling particularly insulted that Buccellati thinks he can escape through his own medium.

Secco closes in on what he senses as Buccellati but exits his earth-swim technique and finds that he was hunting down a broken water pipe. Undeterred, Secco resurfaces and chews on some dirt before spitting them into the air and raining down spikes of earth towards Buccellati’s area. Buccellati is skewered by a rain of spikes and is forced out of hiding, all the while, we see that the mysterious contact waiting in the Colosseum is none other than Jean Pierre Polnareff, awaiting Buccellati’s crew with the stand-creating arrow in hand. Buccellati’s exposure underground soon starts deteriorating his body as well under Oasis’ effects and Secco finally catches up to his prey and sends him flying through the air back in the surface and also has him sink down to his level. Secco moves in to finish Buccellati off but the latter regains composure after having Secco close their distance.

Buccellati states that his body has stopped feeling too much pain and thanks to this he will be able to do some serious damage without worrying about his own safety. Because Oasis opened up some holes up in the ground to have other objects sink into the ground, Buccellati pops a tire and makes other loud noises in the medium to damage Secco’s eardrums, rendering him unable to sense his surroundings with his stand. Secco retreats and resurfaces, only to have is leg ran over by a car as he returned in the middle of the street. Secco runs into a crowd and takes a man hostage, who turns out to be Doppio, and Buccellati finishes Secco off with a zipper through the throat by punching through Doppio, who he still has no idea who he is. Secco falls into the same garbage truck Cioccolata ended up in while Buccellati begins to suffer from the drawbacks of his body, all the while, Doppio recognizes the traitors and prepares to finish Buccellati off himself.

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