Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 28: Superstition

Ever wonder why the Boss is so fixated on Abbacchio’s abilities?

Remember when Mista was complaining about 4 pieces of cake and Abbacchio took one? That 2nd one was completely David Pro’s works and I praise their decisions, except for one, in making all these small additions to make Part 5 that much more enjoyable. If this episode lets you know one thing, it’s that we’re officially at the part where anyone can potentially die now.

The Crew arrive on the shores of Sardinia and quickly try to navigate through the beach to locate the source of the attack from before. Narancia and Buccellati scout ahead while Mista and Giorno keep watch over Abbacchio as Moody Blues recounts the events from 15 years prior, leaving him open to attack if he’s careless. On the top of the cliff, the dying Nero asks for the Boss to reveal his face as his dying request but Doppio only sees a quick death for Nero as the only worthwhile reward for getting so far. Nero however had one last ace in his sleeve where he grabs Doppio and had Metallica attach itself to Aerosmith to strike at Doppio from behind one more time to bring the Boss down with him but King Crimson’s abilities has the bullets pass through him and strike only at Nero, killing him for good. The sound of footsteps has the Boss end his victory celebration early as he scrambles for cover as Narancia and Buccellati arrive at the scene with Nero’s corpse on the ground.

Buccellati’s assessment has him safely conclude that the enemy was killed in battle but the perpetrator is the real threat as he is nowhere to be found. The Boss tries to escape the scene with his weakened body but his lack of iron makes it hard for him to even crawl. The beach starts to get crowded and Buccellati advises Narancia to narrow his search range to blips on his radar moving away from them. Giorno and Mista keep patrol over the area and Abbacchio walks along the beachfront with Moody Blues to find a suitable place in the appropriate place to begin the playback. As he wanders, a group of kids playing soccer approaches his location to his annoyance. Up on the cliffs, Narancia locates a signature moving away from them and towards the group of tourists. The duo give chase and find their target behind a rock and as Buccellati splits open the rock, they find a kid tied up with his mouth sewn shut with his shoelaces.

Back at the beach, the kids get their soccer ball stuck in a tree and Abbacchio yells at the kids to go find some other place to play. He decides to help them as Moody Blues reaches its intend place in time and gets the ball out of the tree. As the kids run off thanking him, one of them quickly summons King Crimson and stabs Abbacchio through the chest, killing him near instantly. As the Boss escapes with the one Stand who could discover his identity, he cites that his return to his hometown has truly made him lucky. Abbacchio wakes up sitting down at a restaurant where he converses with a diligent police officer and comes to the realization that he has died and that the officer he’s speaking to is his dead police partner. His partner assures Abbacchio that he has done well and that his will will be passed on. Soon after, the crew return to find Abbacchio’s body by the rocks and mourn his loss. Narancia is in utter denial at the event while Giorno is completely aghast at how he let this happen and how instantaneous the assault was. Buccellati himself is the most angered, biting his lip until it bleeds and he commands the crew to leave Abbacchio as they need to get themselves safe. Narancia sheds tears at how they’re going to leave Abbacchio alone but Giorno finds that their deceased compatriot was clutching onto a piece of rock. Giorno utilizes its power and the rock turns into a bug that leads them to a stone formation where the bug fuses with it to reveal the face of the boss.

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