Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 27: Split Second

Well, they could give Risotto Nero so much.

David Productions have had the good sense to add anime-original content with the benefit of having the hindsight to add after the original manga experience. The Hitman Squad that dominated the first half of Part 5 were definitely the highlights of the part and I’m glad they were given significantly more screentime given that the part’s plot eventually has it so that they end up on the same side in opposing the boss. Too bad no one was alive at that point for that to matter.

Picking up immediately where we left off, The Boss grants access Doppio to one of King Crimson’s sub abilities, Epitaph, the smaller head on King Crimson’s face that is responsible for allowing the Boss to look 10 seconds into the future. Doppio is also able to partially manifest King Crimson’s arms in this state and he is instructed to use Epitaph to forsee Nero’s movements. Doppio looks into the future and sees Nero’s invisible movements but also his own person taking incredible damage from Nero’s stand when it forms a scissor in this throat. Doppio acts first and strikes at the rock formation where Nero was in his vision but he misses his strike. Sure enough, a scissor forms inside his throat and Doppio quickly removes it. Nero observes this behavior and deduces that Doppio’s ability must be something relate to precognition given how he was able to immediately discern the scissor’s removal. Doppio uses Epitaph again and sees a more brutal injury coming his way, his foot being cut off. Doppio panics and the Boss states that he will “arrive” in 10 seconds but the former gains some confidence. Instead of worrying about where he could avoid the attack, Doppio instead uses his static position to judge where the attack could potentially come from using the vision he saw. The frog he used as his “phone” to communicate with the Boss erupts in razors and Doppio immediately throws one of the scissors that popped out and throws it at the trajectory opposite to his vision.

Instead of Doppio’s foot, Nero’s foot goes flying and his cloaking is unraveled. With him vulnerable, the Boss instructs Doppio to close the distance so that King Crimson can finish him off. Doppio explains that Nero’s ability must have something to do with metal and Nero confirms it. Metallica allows him to utilize the iron found within people’s blood to create objects inside their bodies as well utilize forms of magnetization and attach small particles of iron to render him invisible. Doppio rushes towards his foe but Nero quickly recalls his severed foot and reattaches it to regain his footing. His observations make it clear that Doppio is clearly not just some simpleton with powers, his sudden confidence as well as Doppio perceiving Aerosmith clues Nero that Doppio is who he is looking for to exact vengeance upon his squadmates.

Nero goes invisible again and Doppio utilizes Epitaph and finds a wave of knives about to fly toward him. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to block all of them from piercing him and the storm of steel doesn’t end there as more sharp objects form out of his mouth. Nero takes the slow burn route and informs Doppio that as he uses up more iron in his body, his heavy breathing will yield to nothing as no oxygen will make it to his brain. Doppio sees Buccellati’s crew make it to shore and he uses Epitaph again and sees Nero closing in and then disappearing before Doppio sees part of his head go missing. Doppio sees the scalpels being formed and picks them up for use but is unable to discern where he’s supposed to use them. The scalpels however spin into place and Doppio remembers Nero’s magnetism and throws the scalpels towards the cliff where they point at. Nero however knew this would occur and had re-severed his leg with Metallica to fake Doppio out. With one last blow away from victory, Nero is pleased to know his victory is at hand, except for the sudden sound of gunfire. Nero is shot by Aerosmith and Doppio reveals that he threw the knives in the wrong way intentionally to get the attention of Buccellati’s crew. With Narancia’s Aerosmith patrolling the area and with Doppio’s own breathing being compromised, Nero was the only valid target near them to strike.

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